6 Essential Packing Tips

Moving can be an overwhelming task, but follow these six essential packing tips to ensure safe delivery of your personal belongings.

1. Look for specially-designed moving boxes. Moving companies and office supply stores carry an assortment of moving boxes to suit many needs. Tall boxes that come with closet rods are ideal for clothing. Mirrors and large wall frames can be protected by corner protectors. Forget about wrapping every glass in the kitchen and get a moving box that protects every glass with a cardboard partition. There is a box for every need. (more…)

Companies that specialize in local and international moving services typically offer a wide range of packing and storage services to help household and industrial moves go more smoothly. However, businesses and families can often save money and time by performing a few simple steps before moving day arrives. Here are five tips for saving money on local and international moving expenses. (more…)