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Why We Love To Blog at Scarr Moving and Storage

At Scarr Moving, we are committed to being accessible to our existing customers and prospective customers alike. Maintaining an active blog makes that much easier to do. Unlike many companies, we don’t just post a generic blog entry every week or two. We write about topics that matter to our customers. Our goal is to produce a blog that is informative, interesting and fun to read. With this particular post, we’re just going to go over a few of the main reasons for blogging in the first place.


You won’t find fluff or boring, repetitive content on the Scarr Moving blog. Our posts are filled with useful information about moving and getting ready to move. We often post tips about hiring the best movers, and we like to highlight strategies for enjoying the easiest, smoothest moves possible. In other words, we post information that you can actually use.

Online Marketing

If we don’t appear in the major search engine results, we’re going to lose out to the competition. Blogging is a great way to enhance your search engine optimization, or SEO, efforts. We take care to include specific keywords in our posts so that our site maintains a good ranking. However, we don’t do so at the expense of our content. Quality and readability always come first.

Reaching New Customers

Since we started blogging, we’ve enjoyed a lot of success with it. We’ve reached new customers through our blogging efforts, so we’re not going to stop any time soon. People who are looking for moving information in the Salinas, Monterey area often learn about Scarr Movers through this very blog, so it’s a very useful addition to our online marketing efforts.

Promotional Benefits

We don’t use our blog to blatantly promote ourselves. However, we do use it to highlight the ways in which we stand out from our competition. Like other businesses that blog, we make sure to let readers know that we are ready, able and capable of handling their most pressing moving needs. If you need movers and expect the very best, you’re sure to find that Scarr Moving and Storage is the name to trust.

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