SCARR Storage Facility

People need extra storage for a variety of reasons. A major renovation project can necessitate the removal of all personal belongings. Perhaps the laws regarding the retention of records make it necessary for a business to find some way to keep files safe and accessible without taking up much-needed office space. Whether you need personal or business storage, Scarr Storage Facilities can provide you with the perfect solution.

Since Warren Scarr bought the existing Olsen Van Lines in 1965, the company has dedicated itself to meeting the needs of its customers in a stress-free, friendly manner. If you are based in Monterey, San Benito or Santa Cruz County, you are not far from Scarr Storage Facilities, the most professional such facility you will find in Salinas.

If you have special needs, such as a safe, secure environment for art, antiques, business records, tools and equipment or recorded media, a custom vault may be the best choice for you. Scarr offers the largest custom-built vaults of any Salinas storage facility. With a maximum width of six feet, a depth of up to seven feet and a height of eight feet, your vault will have plenty of room to store your belongings.

A long-term storage arrangement may be an excellent way to gain more room in your home without adding a room or two. You can clean out your closets and attic, storing unused or seldom-used items safely and conveniently. Reclaim space in your garage for your car or your workshop by transferring “must-keeps” offsite.

Today’s labor force has become increasingly mobile. Perhaps you need to accept a long-term assignment in another city. You have no plans to relocate permanently, and you prefer to store your furniture rather than sell it. Store it with Scarr until you are ready for it. Should your plans change and you decide to remain at your new location, Scarr, as an agent for North American Van Lines, can even help make the move easier.

When you choose Scarr for your storage needs, you do not need to worry about the safety of your belongings. Scarr Storage Facilities feature the latest in security technology, including 24-hour surveillance. Nor do you need to worry about the company’s professional character; Scarr has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is a member in good standing of both the American Moving and Storage Association, or AMSA, and the California Moving and Storage Association, or CMSA.