High Value Products

At Scarr Moving and Storage, we have a steadfast dedication to handling all of our customers’ belongings with exceptional care. High-value products require even more finesse, which is why we are proud to have a partnership with North American Van Lines. Through this exciting partnership, our customers have access to North American Van Lines’ High-Value Products, or HVP, division. This division is exclusively focused on the logistics of transporting sensitive or high-value items and commodities, so you can count on Scarr Moving to use the utmost care while transporting your high-value items.

Customized Logistics Services

We offer customized logistics services that enhance the process of moving your high-value products. Services include pick-and-pack shipping, installation and warehousing. We offer a complete array of exceptional moving solutions, and you can rely on us to handle your high-value products with extreme care and skill.

Highly Trained Personnel

Scarr Moving employs moving specialists who have extensive amounts of training in the handling of high-value products. They know how to move sensitive and high-value commodities in a way that keeps them safe and secure at all times. Our employees make the difference, and you are sure to agree.

Materials and Equipment that Protect Your High-Value Belongings

In addition to having employees who are extensively trained in the proper handling of high-value products, Scarr Moving uses equipment and materials that keep your items safe every step of the way:

  • Air-Ride Suspensions – Our vans and trucks are equipped with air-ride suspensions that cushion your belongings from bumps in the road. We take care to keep our trucks and vans properly maintained at all times.
  • Special Cartons – We rely on special, heavy-duty cartons that are designed to keep high-value items safe and secure.
  • Exceptional Packing Materials – Your high-value products will be expertly secured using top-quality packing materials.
  • Cushioned Padding – As an added layer of protection, Scarr Moving uses cushioned padding while transporting high-value items.

When it comes to sensitive commodities and high-value products, you need to hire a moving company that has the right experience and skill. Thanks to our partnership with North American Van Lines’ High-Value Products division, Scarr Moving is more than up to the task. Contact us now to learn more.